Author 4 Author Blog Hop – Hidden Secrets by Claire Plaisted

Claire Plaisted - Indie Author

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Hidden Secrets is the book I am showing you today.  This is the first book in my Garrett Investigation Bureau Series of which five books have been published.  I am at present re-doing the book covers and giving each book a new title to help with sales.  Enjoy

hidden secrets canvaThirty years earlier……

The testing had gone well.  Two of the women were pregnant.  He was well pleased with how his plans progressed.  It was a pity Joseph found out what he was up to.  No doubt he’d have to clean up in the not too distant future.

 His baby would be trained even compelled to learn to the highest levels; his DNA included the best of the best genes.  He couldn’t wait for the women to birth these babies.  Hopefully, this time everything would go well.  He didn’t want to lose any more whores he’d picked up off…

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