Book Cover Wars – Tom Fallwell

Tied Fantasy Book Cover Winner

DragonWhat inspired your Book Cover?

I had a title, Dragon Rising, and searched through image gallery sights for an image that fit. I was extremely lucky to find the dragon image and created my cover with it

Who is your Designer and where did you find them?

I designed the cover myself, using the dragon image and text that I selected.

Are images used chosen by you or your artist?

By me. I had no artist for this book.

How much say did you have in your cover?


Where do you get your images from?

From a site called

How would you recommend them to others?

They have some great images, but they are not free. The dragon image I used cost about $30 (USD). There are limitations to the number of times the image can be used commercially, but the limit is very high. I do not antidipate reaching that limit for many years to come, but if I do, then I can certainly afford to extend the royalty free status.

Where can we contact your Cover Designer?

My email address is




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