Sponsorship Program 2016

Plaisted Publishing House Sponsorship Program 2016

In conjunction with Limelight Literature and Fantasia Cover Design

Are you a First time Author who is wanting to self-publish?  Are you in #Awethor, APC or Author 4 Author group on Facebook?  Then you may wish to enter into our sponsorship program which is open worldwide to anyone who is unpublished.

There will be set guidelines.  There will be a competition within the above Facebook Groups and your work will be judged by the best Indie Authors around today.

The sponsorship includes a three-person team covering all your needs to get your book up for sale online.  We offer:-

A one-hour free consultation – online.  Free Edit & Proofreading for up to 60,000 words. Free formatting of your work, including two free formatting edits.  One Free book cover One interview for marketing purposes.

Those sponsoring you are:-

Claire Plaisted of Plaisted Publishing House Ltd, New Zealand

L E Fitzpatrick of Limelight Literature

Sharon Lipman of Fantasia Cover Design


About claire

Claire Plaisted is an Author Consultant and Author who assists others to produce a professional manuscript to upload to various distribution websites or print at their local printer. Claire was born in the UK and migrated to New Zealand and is married to a Kiwi with three adult children and two cats.

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