The Blacksmith

Kayleigh Broughton brings us a short blog about Blacksmiths and what they did

Kayleigh Broughton

Blacksmith Clothes 1830sBlacksmith Clothing 1830s

Blacksmith’s were an huge part of village life for many generations.  It was only as steam was introduced and horses used less and less that that their natural jobs in the Smithy were slowly closed down.  Many did survive using numerous skills they’d obtained over the generations.

In my family there are 200 years of Smithy traditions (if not more) which only died our when my mothers cousin sold the business rather than handing it on and training the next generation in the family.  Even so the Smithy is still there today and was very much independent for most of it’s life.  You will find some Smithy’s were attached to local estates so the Lord of the area and the wealthy could have their horses shied without hassle.

A Blacksmith was a clever man who would command much respect in a village.  In some instances he would be a…

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