Are you a Pirate?

Are you a Pirate??

Attribution J. J at the English Language Wikipedia


In many ways we are all Pirates, so go grab your hat, eye-patch and parrot for your shoulder.

Will no actually the majority of us aren’t.  We are human, we all make mistakes/errors and yes we use images without checking copyright, some of us may use music too though this is generally unintentional, a possible oversight.  This doesn’t make us a Pirate.  As an author with a Publishing business, I have to tread carefully. I will still admit to making the occasional mistake.  

Stock photos, are what most Cover Designers and Authors use for book covers.  These are photos you can buy from $1 USD up (depending on the website) and you get a license for  around 500,000 uses, after which you have to buy another licence, which costs more.  So this gives you the right of use until you have sold  500,000 book (OMG…)

There are also FREE sites.  Since I cancelled my subscription to a stock photo website, due to them closing down, I was recommended to use PIXABAY.  They are free and the usage of photo’s is also free for commercial use.  It can be hard to search and find what you need, however they do have some fantastic photos and illustrations.  You can buy them a coffee via paypal or go on your merry way and use the photo at will.  You don’t have to give credit or a link either.  Entirely up to you. This site uses CCO as does STOCKSNAP, the next site on my list.

STOCKSNAP is a site I was introduced to today.  I have no idea how good it is, though it is well recommended.  Again they  are Free Licence Images to be used personally or commercially.  Have a look, let me know what you think.  There are so many different types of copyright and licences today I could understand anyone getting confused.

CCO Licence Rules

CCO Licence

Google images is another place to find images to use.  Put in your search, once the page opens look just above the images and click on SEARCH TOOLS.  This drops down another bar.  Look for USAGE RIGHTS, click on this and it opens a box, look at the list and find the one saying LABELLED FOR REUSE.  Click this and google will refresh your page and give you the images you are allowed to use – copyright free. However, I advise you to go to the relevant website and double-check. Sometimes you can still get caught out.

google image for blog copy

Licence for blog image
Attribution to Felix Muller and Original Photographer 

Another way with Google Images is to type in Royalty Free Public Domain Images.  Though I again say, please check out the website and find the licence for the individual photo. Most will state there is no copyright though attribution may be required.

Images on Blogs and Websites

This is another place you need to make sure you have copyright of what you use. It is also where you can credit or link if you wish to.  It always depends on what your article is about and who is involved.  Obviously with an Author or Business Interview, the author or business holds the rights, of the pictures used for the book cover.  An Illustrator owns copyright of what they draw and are generally always credited inside a book – as it should be.  

Newspaper articles for blogs.  I always credit the newspaper and or photographer if their names are available.

I also use personal photos for book covers, blogs and adverts which I make on CANVA. Thank you me, thank you family for letting me use…Don’t get me started on this and don’t call me a PIRATE – JUST DON’T. I APPRECIATE ANY AND ALL PEOPLE WHO LET ME USE THEIR IMAGES ON MY BLOGS.

The Real Pirates

So when someone says “You’re a Pirate” just because you didn’t credit or give a link, they are wrong.  First of all it is none of their business, secondly, as long as you know you have the licence to use the images, all is fine.  If you make a mistake, then fix it.  An honest mistake doesn’t make you a pirate, not buying photos, not crediting or linking them doesn’t make you a pirate.  You don’t have to give credit.  The thought of blogs with numerous credits and links on them would drive me nuts, I probably wouldn’t read the post.  I like clear and neat blogs – probably the designer in me.  Links in photos or highlighted names are great (if you know how). Needless to say everyone makes honest mistakes in their lives.  

I most certainly don’t go out there to steal the work of others intentionally.  I am disgusted at people who deliberately go out and look for pirate sites to steal….Yes I have seen comments on Facebook and other sites.

A pirate is a person who not only steals your work, they also on sell it, give it away, lend it out to someone.  They make money off it. They do this deliberately because they can and want to. As one pirate site closes, two more will open etc.  It is a never-ending battle for music, books and images.  We fight it at every turn.

As a person, think about how many times you have borrowed a book from a friend, or watched a borrowed DVD – Oh dear…Naughty Pirate aren’t you. OR ARE YOU!!


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