Bubba Tails From The Campbell Kingdom: the King Speaks

An important message from King Campbell and how to respect those who have Guide Dogs of any kind.

Pattys World

 Written by

Patty L. Fletcher

Told by

King Campbell AKA Bubba The Seeing Eye Dog

September 17 2016


King Campbell sat quietly on the big stage waiting for all the humans to sit down and be quiet. With his Mommy and some of her human friends’ help, he had finally gotten everyone in one big place. He was about to do the most important work yet, of his life. His fur shown black and beautiful under the bright lights, and although he felt a tad bit nervous and like he might like a bone to chew, he knew this must happen. He looked out into the crowd gathering there and saw some doggy friends among the humans as well, and this did make his heart glad. This meant no human had been told they “Must not bring the doggies inside”

As the crowd all settled in and grew quiet…

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