October Book Blog

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Between the Beats

October is my favorite month of the year! Fall is usually crackling in the air (yes fall crackles), Halloween is coming, and it’s time for candy apples, hayrides, hot cider, and scary books and movies. It’s also my favorite time to travel. You may have noticed my Book Blog is early. By the time you read this I will probably be in Barcelona, Spain or sailing somewhere in the Mediterranean.

Here is my book news for October as well as some suggestions for Halloween reads! See you when I get back!

carvedwoodenheart-1Available on Amazon

On September 24 my collaboration with Starla Hartless launched. “Carved Wooden Heart” is pretty far out of my usual comfort zone. An erotic romance that is more a story of a woman’s life journey, we follow Dani Stone as she navigates the twisty road fate has laid out for her. It’s currently available on Amazon. I…

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