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Indie Editing & Local Book Stores


Bashed after professional editing and no it wasn’t by my excellant Editor.  It seems to get a book into a bookstore your book has to be perfect if you are an Indie Author – never mind the bloody Traditional Published books which nearly always have one or two errors in them. The Bookstore owners sure as hell aren’t going to read them just to point out errors otherwise they’d not have a business.

I am sick of it.  No only is spelling and grammar different in each English speaking country, you then have to fight for the right to sell them locally.  Online it is fine, if someone points out an error you fix it and re-publish, be it print or eBook.  

I do wish New Zealand would catch up with the rest of the world with Independently Published books and give them a chance.  Personally if I ever won lotto or inherited a fortune I would open an Indie Book Store with a Coffee Shop.  If only…

It isn’t that I think we should be lazy with our editing at all.  It should be top rate, as good as you can afford.  It also needs Beta Readers, Proof Readers, Line Editor and so on.  If you know someone you can exchange services with etc then go for it.  Writing sure as hell isn’t a cheap business.  Even with all the above errors will still find a way in…You could edit for years and never publish at all I suppose.  

Anyway I was given a helping hand and a possible solution to help tighten up my books with editing which includes my lovely editors.  It was Thanks to A L Mengel who I chatted to earlier this evening for ideas and ways to improve my own books.  Here is what he told me.

I practice several rounds of edits. The first round,is the story structure, I do myself. Someone has to turn the draft into a flowing story, and the author really needs to do that.
After that, I send it out for a read through for flow and consistency
Then more edits are made.
Next is another set of eyes for line edits – Remember the first editor is already too familiar with the story. They may read over errors.
Then more edits are made again before it goes to the proofreader. Another set of eyes
The last step is the beta readers.  They receive special copies which they read (usually 1-5 people) and if they see an error, they’re asked to record it.
That is where my conversation ended with Mr Mengel.  There is one main thing I noted.  He had different people doing different parts, making sure new eyes were looking over the book.  It is this sort of journey which will give you and exceptional book in the end.

Human Writing or…

Yesterday I was introduced to a topic from a post on Facebook which I had never honestly thought about before.  Writing in a certain culture, heritage or colour.  Weird.  I had never thought I couldn’t or shouldn’t write as a black or asian man or woman or anything else for that matter.  In fact the lead role in my next book is a black British guy who lives in America.  He is gorgeous and I adore him.  If he was real, I’d give him a huge hug.

According the post I should write as a white woman because that is what I am and therefore that is what I know.  Balderdash and tosh is all I can say to this.  


I grew up in small town England where the majority were white.  I lived in Wales where the language is beautiful and obviously Welsh.  I moved to live in New Zealand in a large city which is by majority white.  Then we moved to a small town called Rotorua.  The place I call home and love so much.  Technically I am in the Minority.  The majority is Maori.  The town is multi cultural with Dutch, English, Welsh, Irish etc.  I LOVE THIS PLACE AND THE PEOPLE. I don’t see colour or race I see people.

Why shouldn’t we all write about what we know, learn and research?  I know I will.  Mind I think of everyone as human first and everything else after.  I dont’ care who you are.  You respect me and I will respect you.  I love stories, I love writing.  I don’t care what colour, race or religion my muses throw at me.  I will right their stories.  You can like them or not.

As a publisher I will help you get your stories online.  As long as they read well and flow.  If they don’t, then we will work together to get your stories flowing.

You are all exceptional.  Keep writing and balderdash to those who say only write what you are.  

Love you all.

Ghostly Writes Anthology -Coming Soon

We are on a roll.  The group is growing in leaps and bounds.  Together we have created a friendly group of authors, many who I am getting to know for the first time.    We are all sharing our skills with each other, be it editing, art or even teasers fro promotion.  I have been astounded by the wonderful vibes which abound.

It goes to show even when you write ghost, horror or thiller stories you can still have a blast and enjoy the fruits of our labour.  The short stories have been amazing. Some are simple, some are scary or scary to think about – depending on how much imagination you use while reading, others are slightly gory.  All are wonderful.  I can’t wait to read the rest.

Due to the groups growth, I have extended the submission deadline to 16th October.  I doesn’t matter is some don’t get a story in this time – there is always another year, meanwhile, the group will grown and I hope to get to know everyone even better.  You have all been a joy to work with so far.

Our very own Jennifer Deese has made some teasers and a few short video clips.  Please enjoy. I know I have.

Ghostly Writes Anthology Video One

Ghostly Writes Anthology Video Two

Ghostly Writes Anthology Video Three

We have also had Teasers made like the one at the top – Also by Jennifer Deese.  Other teasers are made by those with skills within the group. Ricky Allen Jr.  Claudia Plaisted (Ceejay Designs) and many more.

Some of the short stories you will read are by:

Stewart Bint, Michael J Elliott, J G Clay, Ricky Allen Jr, Marjorie Hembroff, Jane Risdon, Wendy Steele, Jennifer Deese, Claire Plaisted, Adam Mitchell, Elizabeth N Newton and Eve merrick-Williams to name a few.  Once I have all the stories in, we will be doing a blog on each author and their story.


The Summer Indie Book Awards 2016

I am proud to announce we have several clients who have been nominated for awards in 2016.  They are all excellent books and I wish all my clients the best of look in the voting which starts n the 1st September 2016.

The nominations are

W J Lockie – WETA – The Insect Wars – Childrens

Mark McQuillen – Valkyrie – Darkness Awaits & Darkness Arising – Fantasy & Paranormal

J C Christian – Reaching for the Light, An Incest Survivors Story – Memoir. December Awethology Light – Anthlogy by the Awethors.

Jackie Evans – Tilting at Windmills, Sixty Poems on the lighter side – Poetry

Norman Maclean – Revelation – Historical

Chloe King – Jemma’s Diary, From Virgin to Wife in Twelve Months – Erotica

Beth Bayley – Jessica’s Billionaire & His Billionaire Woman – Contemporary Romance

Michael J Elliott – Portraits of Dread – Horror. Awethology Dark – Anthology by the Awethors

J B Taylor – Dissimilar Shorts. Awethology Dark – Anthology by the Awethors

Catherine Schythe – In the Time of the Iron Fist – Memoir

Claire Plaisted – Hidden Secrets, Secrets Past, Hidden Agenda and Double Crossed (Garret Investigation Bureau. – Various Genre.  Zoey’s Journey  & Girlie & the War of the Wasps – Children’s. Gems of Strength & Awethology Light – Anthology

We have also been nominated in four Anthologies which Plaisted Publishing formatted and published in 2015.  They are all a group of called ‘The Awethors.’

Awethology Dark, Awethology Light, December Awethlogy Light & December Awethology Dark.

Between the four book we worked with 100 authors with their stories, poems etc. Best wishes to the Awethors who participated.

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Literary Fiction:
New Adult:
Science Fiction:
Time Travel:
Young Adult: