Prepare To Be Scared!

Play Time by Amy Budd – Ghostly Writes Anthology 2016

A.D. Collins

Looking for something spooky this Halloween? After something that will send shivers down your spine? Then look no further than ‘Ghostly Writes Anthology’! Join twenty six spooktacular indie authors from around the globe as they take you on a journey through the chilling spirit world, giving you something truly delicious to sink your teeth into. Thanks to the hard work of Plaisted Publishing House Ltd., you definitely won’t be bored this Halloween! So make sure to grab your FREE eBook copy and support the hard work of these amazing authors and the phenomenal publishing house that made this all possible!


My entry is called ‘Play Time’ and it seems to be yet another haunted house story…but is it? For more information on my short story, feel free to visit my last blog post here!

If you’re hunting for this collection of fangtastic fiction, you can find it at the following distributors…

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