Destination Limbo


This is dedicated to the anonymous woman that told me over Facebook that she didn’t mind helping Syrians but she didn’t want to help Africans.  Also to the woman who asked me on an InterNations forum when she heard I was taking donations to Ventimiglia, “Whose side are you on?  They are all rapists and I have an eighteen year old daughter!”

Rapists are generally not so easy to spot until it is too late.  So I can’t tell you whether or not I saw any on this trip.  I can only tell you what I did see.

I saw many people from many different African countries who have survived long, harrowing journeys across deserts, seas and mountains.  I saw polite, grateful, courageous people and many (too many), people in various stages of hopelessness.   My overwhelming feeling from this trip is sadness.  When asked what words sprang to mind, my…

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