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The Extraordinary Mike Elliott

Many of you know Mike Elliott as a Horror writer of extraordinary talent.  His skills and short stories are wonderful.  However, did you know he is also an artist.  Nope!  Well this is our introduction to Mike the Illustrator who has drawn the gorgeous insects for my children’s book Girlie and the War of the Wasps.  I’m so impressed as are my reviewers that Mike will be continuing the art work for the series…hopefully the whole series, though shhh.  I really don’t want to scare him off.

coloured PeddiFINAL
copyright 2016 Michael J Elliott

Meet Pedi the Centipede.  He is adorable, friendly and has problems putting shoes one each morning.  Can you imagine tying all those shoelaces?

Pedi is my favourite drawing from Mike so far, I just love his cheerful disposition.  So here it is. Mike, writer of horror stories and illustrates Pedi for a children’s book…WOW.

Wait until you see more. 🙂

To end this blog about Mike we have a special vidoe all about his Reviews for Holloween books he has read.  I am sure you will enjoy this

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6 thoughts on “Illustrator – Mike Elliott

  1. Michael’s pictures are so vibrant, and awesome, that I as a blind person can appreciate them just by their brief descriptions. I’m not just saying that. There is, and deed! And energy which emanates through the device in my hand. I receive it directly from his illustrations. I one day hope, that if my book series, Bubba tales ever becomes a real book that I can somehow managed to have him illustrate the pictures. Why? Because my book is to tell a story to cited, and blind a lot. Blessings.

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