Ghostly Writes Anthology: The Beneficiaries of Secret Cottage – October 2016 via Plaisted Publishing

Author Jane Risdon, entices us into her story with this blog.

Jane Risdon

Ghostly Writes Anthology 2016Ghostly Writes Anthology 2016

Ghostly Writes Anthology Published by 

Plaisted Publishing House                 ghostly-writes-banner-with-owl

 31st October 2016


My short story:

The Beneficiaries of Secret Cottage.

by Jane Risdon

The Beneficiaries of Secret CottageThe Beneficiaries of Secret Cottage

The bed vibrated as if on some sort of mechanical device and her body shook and convulsed as she tried hard to hang on to the sides to prevent falling off.

She sensed that the room was still pitch black and she knew she wasn’t alone.

She couldn’t open her eyes, they felt glued shut, and anyway she was too afraid of what she might glimpse.

Faster and faster the bed vibrated beneath her making it almost impossible to keep hold of the mattress. 

She prayed for it to stop but knew it would be a while longer. It always went on for an eternity it seemed and then, just…

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