Meet Tom Fallwell

Meet the lovely Ton Fallwell – Awesome Author

Pattys World

TOM FAllwellHi Readers Everywhere! Normally I need to ask lots of questions. You know? Draw the person out, make-them-talk! So to speak! Not this guy! Here’s some fabulous info to get you started learning all about this most wondrous author and friend of mine.

Not only do I think he is just the coolest, but I’m way grateful to him. He is helping me get my start in SF and WOW! What a fun ride it is turning out to be. Now, before I forget there is info at the end concerning an event Tom is having. I hope you’ll not only have a look at the info, but while you’re at it, click going, or at the very least interested so you can learn all about even more amazing writers. And now, without further ado…

 Tom Fallwell Promo

Meet Tom Fallwell, an author and storyteller of action and adventure in worlds undreamed…

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