5 Things I Wish I’d Known Before I’d Published by Jo Blakeley @theblissexpert

Journey into Writing…A good write up from Jo Blakeley.

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Jo Blakeley

I’m pleased to welcome debut author Jo Blakeley to the blog today. She has kindly written a very entertaining and interesting post about things she wished she know before publishing her book. Jo is the author of Blokes, Beers & Burritos, a book which heralds the beginning of a new genre of self-help fiction, combining erotica, travel, fiction and self-help. 

Blokes, Beers & Burritos by [Blakeley, Jo]

5 Things I wish I’d known before I published a book!

I never meant to write a book; it just happened and before I knew it, I’d written 86,000 words, a well-known publisher had signed me up, translated it into several languages, marketed it around the world and sold millions of copies worldwide.

Lesson One: Unless you’re Patricia Cornwell, this is not going to happen.

In my world – and most other people’s I suspect – the picture is very different. It took me four years from first putting…

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