King Campbell Sick – Prayers please for my client’s Seeing Eye Dog



My vet just called. Campbell’s bladder infection did not respond to the medications we were given a week or so back. They’re sending new medications. I am so very upset. Just this morning I had him in harness and out for a walk. He was nonresponsive to commands, disobedient and this is not his way. He feels very bad, and I feel horrible because I did not know he was still so very sick. I’d have never put him in harness and under stress in that way had I known. Please Please? Send prayers and energy? My boy is ever important to me.

I have been in touch with The Seeing Eye and his vet is in direct contact with theirs. I’m scared!!!

I have very little support system here! Am in many ways quite alone! Please? Pray for my boy!!!

Patty & Campbell


  1. Claire I love you so! I cannot tell you what seeing this post here means to me. Blessings to you! Yall see why I love her so? Sheâ??s most awesome!

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