Why Media Relations is your Most Powerful Branding Tool

Who is ready to move forward and take on this challenge of Media Relations? Great read from Alexis Chateau PR

Alexis Chateau PR

When it comes to branding, there isn’t a more powerful tool available than media relations. In the words of our Key Adviser, Randi Minetor:

Media relations is the bread and butter of PR.

But why? What is it about media relations that ranks it above traditional PR tools, like press releases; and modern day tools, like social media management?

And what exactly is media relations anyway? Is it the same as social media? Are the two related at all?

What is Media Relations?


Media relations refers to the process of securing media placements to show off a brand, along with its products, and services. In the event of a crisis, the firm will also serve as an adviser to the client; as well as a liaison between the client and the media.

Behind the scenes, media relations involves the process of identifying and building relationships with gate keepers to the media…

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