Fundraiser with Dan Thompson

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Patty and Campbell here, with a most fascinating friend, that we’d, like to introduce to you.

His name is Dan, and he’s got an idea that we think is absolutely out-of-sight!

Without further delay! We give you…

Dan Thompson!


Dan Thompson

Hi, my name is, Dan Thompson

I am attempting to help disabled individuals to become more employable, keep existing jobs and enhance independence and/or self-esteem

I am a retired totally blind Assistive Technology Teacher after working in the field for 30 years and using Assistive Technology since the 1970’s.

Below is a list of items I am attempting to make available. 

Ten Victor Reader Treks stream New Generations: This is a GPS, book storage, and recording device all in one.

Cost $599.00 each, if, ordered before October. $700.00 if ordered after October.

Total cost of $5990.00 before October or 7,000.00 after October.

5 Blaze Ez Hand held…

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