Summer Indie Book Awards 2017

ghostly writes award coverSIBA Awards…were amazing this year.  Continual voting for eleven days and keeping our fingers crossed.

Ghostly Writes Anthology 2016 was nominated and we came second in the Anthology Section.  We are all jumping up and down, celebrating how great we all are.  Personally I would like to than all the authors who participated in the first Ghostly Writes Anthology. You were all amazing, with enjoy able stories.  You deserve the win.  I’d also like to thank all those who helped with promotional material, marketing and the book cover.

Thank you all for your support and lets hope we can take out the number one spot in Anthologies next year.

Our Authors last year were:

Kyrena Lynch, J G Clay, J B Taylor, Adam Mitchell, Sarah Mosier, Neil Newton, Rocky Rochford, Karen J Mossman, J L C Roche, Eve Merrick-Williams, Wendy Steele, Jennifer Deese, Stewart Bint, Michael J Elliott, Adele Marie Park, Amy Budd, Jessica Wren, C A Keith, Claire Plaisted, Ashley Uzzell, Jane Risdon, Cayleigh Stickler, Marjorie Hembroff, Jim Adams and Elizabeth H Newton.



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