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protected-267353_1280Times are changing and as Amazon/Createspace seem to keep updating their rules and regulations and leaving everyone behind and not informing us…Making our jobs harder to do for no real reason.

What this time.  Well if you notice on all distributer sites you have to tick boxes saying you have permission to publish said work. Ok so i suppose that is to easy to get away with…I know fraud or plagiarism is a huge thing which can hit anyone at anytime.

Well like with all things in life these new rules and regulations which keep appearing out of nowhere hurt the innocent more than those trying to do harm and rip another author off.  Maybe they should update their terminology since trust is becoming extinct these days.

What happened.  Well it now seems we can’t produce an anthology without giving amazon/createspace clear and concise signatures from each and every author in the anthology. WHAT THE HELL. The book has been suppressed I can’t buy author copies or place orders for said authors to be sent to them.  Copyright stays with the author at all times.  Perhaps each one of them can send an email to Createspace…

Yes i’m annoyed, especially since this is the 7th Free Anthology released by us all from three different groups. (the print has print charges only)  I have a Children’s Anthology due out in December….seem i need to seek a different type of permission.  BUGGER’

No we didn’t use contracts…The groups the authors are in cover the copyright issue – which each author understands and is happy about.  From now on i’ll be making contracts for each and every person to sign.  Will I pass them on to Amazon?  I’m not sure! Do they have a legal right to them or to even ask for them?  Now you know why each and every client I have, has their own distribution accounts…If only it was as simple for Anthologies.


Will they accept electronic signatures? 

How do you collect said signatures in four days when they aren’t all online four days straight? (some i dont’ see for  weeks)

What happens if authors don’t know how to scan a signature into their computer?

When did they change the rules and why didn’t they let us know?

There again is it a new rule or just someone been awkward…It wouldn’t be the first time they’ve messed up.

Here is hoping there is an easy way to clear this all up. I will of course let folks know.


  1. I am in about 10 different anthologies and only two sent me a contract to sign, but also letting me keep my rights. I’m glad most of my stories are in their books!! Thanks for the heads up.

    1. When i told them the permission was within the author joining one of my anthologies groups…they backed down..I also told them with was my 7ths Anthology and they’s never asked before…I still find it is weird when they do stuff like this.

      1. Insane stuff just to wind you up as if you don’t have enough to do. Glad it is sorted. Don’t think about it for now, get better and worry about stuff when you feel up to it. It can wait. We can wait. No worries. Sending positive vibes. Jane xxx

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