Ending my Association with Createspace

To me this is sad news. I really enjoyed working with Createspace and their great customer service folks…well until it took a downturn from daft to damn right stupid.  I’m over it totally after a phone call last night which didnt’ change anything. In fact it was  a repeat on what they put in their first email to me.


Does Henry Exist as a Customer Service Specialist or NOT

Now two days later I am wondering if this Customer Service Specialist even exists.  The person who sent the original email was called Mike.  After my reply it took two days for them to reply.  It was Henry who replied…or was it.  I’m actually starting to wonder if this guy exists at all.  Why?  Well he certainly didn’t come across as over professional. He also supposedly working in various time zones but couldn’t work out the time difference between USA and UK…He also repeated the previous email though with different wording.  I personally don’t like playing games.

So anyway I was meant to get a call at 2.30pm.  First they apparently tried to ring and didn’t get an answer…My phone showed no incoming calls and I told them so.  I also told them to take the 0 off the mphone nuber i gave…which if you worked in different time zones it would be something you knew.  I mean I knew and I work worldwide.

The call finally came through 2 days later at about 7.30pm.  Guess who it was?  MIKE  apparently HENRY had stepped out of the office.  HOW BLOODY CONVIENT IS THAT…NOT.

I didn’t think about this until later of course. Mike wouldn’t listen, Mike was unprofessional. I called Henry a coward prior to wondering if he was an actual person working with createspace. Now I am wondering if he was FAKE along with his emails. Not sure how to find out. However I sure as hell won’t be having anything more to do with CREATESPACE.

I emailed Henry thirty-six hours ago.  No reply.  I doubt they will ever reply.  How sad is this.  Please double check everything when you use them or better still use a different distributer like LULU.  One thing these big corporations shouldn’t be able to do is walk all over the people who are their clients and make money out of them, which is sadly become more of a thing with each passing year.

Meanwhile I had a lovely email from LULU who don’t need me to prove copyright permission though ask that we have some paperwork (this will be a link in the Anthology groups from now on which each author will need to agree or sign)  They did mention though that Amazon may still not publish the Anthology distributed via them.

So we’ll see how it goes and get this sorted.  Thank you LULU

5 thoughts on “Ending my Association with Createspace

  1. ladyofthelake says:

    After a few rounds of Xlibri telemarketing me, I think this sounds very much like their CS agents. In other words, none of them have any kind of a background in publishing. The last man I talked to at said publishing company was so bad, I actually asked him for a resume. You should have heard the silence. He never called back. When I was in consulting, the companies I was sent to requested our resumes in advance. Maybe we should take a page out of their book. hehehhe. It scared me that I knew more than he did.


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