LULU and our First Children’s Anthology


As many of you know…if you have read the last few blog posts, I have given up on Createspace for Anthologies…in fact for all my books. I will no longer promote them as the business to go to.

I went to LULU who have been brilliant so far.  They pay you via paypal, you can choose your own revenue, make hard back books, ebooks and they give you a store front as well.  I suppose this is like author central in a way, however i find it much better since you can choose your spotlight author heading and we all know marketing sells when it is done correctly. 

Lulu also have an online message system. I love it, especially during my learning time on how to use their site and upload a book. And upload a book I did. 

Our Children’s Anthology ‘A Treasure Chest of Children’s Stories’ is now available. It is proofed and costs $5.01. There is no revenue from this book due to no charity chosen. The ebook is also FREE worldwide through all ereaders (I uploaded this book on Draft to Digital)  The book has been printed on cream paper in Comic Sans font which is the closest to how children learn to write that I have found so far.

Now I have to work out the distribution…Fingers crossed.


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