Six Things the Amateur Writer Should be Doing

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MORGAN K TANNER, Writer of Horror


Have you ever heard a professional writer moan about work? Do they ever tweet angry pictures on Sunday evenings complaining on how it’s another week doing this boring job that they hate? Do they spend their free time scouring the job listings in the hope of finding something out there that’s a little more ‘right’ for them?

Nah, didn’t think so. At least none of the ones I follow seem to.

Compare that to the indie/amateur author. I, like most (all?) of these fellows, spend most of my working day thinking about firing up that laptop and getting down and dirty with a story or blog post (in fact, today I was thinking about writing this one). Not that I get all maudlin on a Sunday evening, but I’m definitely not losing sleep with excitement for the coming week.

Imagine if, instead of the arduous task of getting the uniform…

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