How To Survive Writing The Unreliable Narrator #MondayBlogs #AmWriting #Writers

Do you use Unreliable Narrators…


Not all fictional narrators are trustworthy. Some have other plans about how a story should be told. These untrustworthy fictional souls use manipulations, omissions and mischief to try and misdirect their reader.

Last year I wrote a draft with an unreliable narrator and I had so much literary fun. However, I came to realise that working with these characters is an experience and there are pitfalls. There is potential for you to enjoy yourself a little too much and hours later have to lie down in a darkened room, with a cold compress on your forehead, listening to soothing whale music.

There is also the potential for what I like to call the, ‘unreliable narrator hangover,’ which I will explain later. Basically you need to know how to survive working with the untrustworthy imaginary folk.

David Lodge, in his book, The Art of Fiction, describes the purpose of the unreliable…

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