EmailBoarder ControlThis issue started for me in the middle of last year when I tried to contact one of my clients.  Not only couldn’t I send emails to her, I couldn’t reply to ones she sent to me.  It took about 2 weeks to sort it out. Yes you guessed it, nobody really knew what was going on.  Apparently my email address – to some clients – is now considered SPAM.  As far as I know it is due to running a GMAIL Account.

Now my issue was just with those clients and friends who had XTRA ISP Accounts. The email was stopped at the border and rejected.  I suppose it is a bit like people being told they aren’t fit to enter a certain country.

Anyway, this client is now sorted.  All my others – I have since noticed – still reject at the border. Some clients have luckily had other email addresses they could use like Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail. Others haven’t so until I can get this sorted yet again…it looks like info sharing will be on Facebook, which isn’t always ideal.

Yesterday I replied to another client with her own personalised email address. It was fine. Checking emails today I found another message and replied.  Damn it – it was rejected as SPAM.  What the heck is going on.

The response was:

550 This message contains a known spam email address.

My next step is contacting the SPAM People and hopefully I’ll be able to clear my email address from their SPAM list etc.  Fingers crossed.

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Claire Plaisted is an Author Consultant and Author who assists others to produce a professional manuscript to upload to various distribution websites or print at their local printer. Claire was born in the UK and migrated to New Zealand and is married to a Kiwi with three adult children and two cats.


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