Guest author: Marjorie Hembroff – Ghost in the Attic #short story

M E Hembroff’s stoires about Bess are wonderful to read. Enjoy this short Ghost Story

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Image: Pixabay

It was a warm summer afternoon, and Bess sat cross-legged on the wooden bench in the back yard of the red brick apartment building while her mother hosted a tea party. Bess had just finished her new novel when she heard blue jays screeching in the nearby evergreen tree. She smiled when she watched red squirrels play tag on the white picket fence. Bess had been writing everything down that she saw to share with Megan, who was grounded for the rest of the week.

Bess set her book down and looked around. The weeping willow formed a perfect canopy and reading nock which was one of her favorite spots.  She listened to the chorus of birds as they crowded around the bird feeder that hung from a low branch of the maple tree in the corner of the fence. Bess gazed at the manicured lawn surrounded by…

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