You Are Not Your Work

You are not your work!

Meg Dowell Writes

A writer writes. Their work is (usually) their property. Sometimes it can feel like they’re so deeply connected with their characters that their work seems more than just a figurative child — more like an organ they could live without, but would rather not.

This is a great thing, when actively writing something. You need to feel connected, fully invested enough that you can gauge the potential reactions of readers by how you feel as you’re writing.

After the fact — when it’s time to share that work — there’s a need for separation.

It does not always happen.

These are the writers who become overly defensive of their work, who lash out at anyone who criticizes or disagrees with them.

These are the writers who threaten to quit when things do not go the way they want.

Rejection is one of the biggest examples of this.

A writer’s work…

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