Editing, Editing and Editing Again!



I am deep into editing the sequel to my first novel, Hunting Mariah. I am nearly through it for the fourth or maybe fifth time. I can’t remember now.

The more I look at it the more I want to change things up a little. I tweak it here and delete it there. It’s driving me crazy!

All you authors out there, how do you feel about editing? Does it drive you insane? When do you feel you have completed your editing?

Please check out Hunting Mariah on Amazon and Barnes & Nobleso you will be up to date to read the sequel, Mariah’s Revenge! Watch for a cover reveal soon!!

Just when I think I am done, I find something else that I need to change. I had to take some time out of it after last night when I completed editing 16 chapters. Tonight I…

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11 thoughts on “Editing, Editing and Editing Again!

  1. jjspina says:

    Thank you, Claire, for the reblog! Editing can be exasperating. I finally finished going over the last few chapters and put in a couple more things then onto my beta readers. I feel the end is getting near now. Sigh! Good luck everyone! It is always difficult to proof your own work.

    I am a copy editor and proof and edit others’ work without a glitch. It doesn’t bother me to change, delete, correct and suggest to others to change up something in their MS. But to do that to your own MS it is like cutting your heart out! Sigh! 😃

  2. Charlie De Luca says:

    There is no easy way, is there? Self-editing is so hard.I find I can only do it by rotating manuscripts to avoid getting stale, but even so, it’s still arduous. Frequent breaks, chocolate treats also work! Best of luck!

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