Going Grammando, or Not—Why You Should Break the Rules!

A great little post about Grammar

K.L. Kranes

Grammar lovers, take heed! This post may upset you! Read on only if you are brave and ready to have your writing world ruined…

A Dorky Hipster Ruins Everything

My family has recently become fans of a show called Adam Ruins Everything. To summarize it quickly, take your biggest know-it-all friend, arm him or her with an abundance of well-researched facts from legitimate published sources, add a dose of humility, a dash of quirky comedy and a hipster vibe and you have the recipe to create your own version of Adam Ruins Everything.

adam ruins everythingThis TV show of truth is similar to Mythbusters, but with less blowing stuff up and more funny skits. It covers topics ranging from pets to Ancient Egpyt to drug culture. If you can handle the truth (aka, learning what you thought about the world is completely wrong), the show will give it to you.


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