Call for submissions!

Now this sounds like FUN. I’m going to have a go … What about you my wonderful followers.

The Cat's Write

I thought that title had a cool ring to it, like when big publishing houses announce they’re going to accept (and possibly even read) unsolicited manuscripts for the next 30 minutes – so you better get your submissions in fast!

Sorry, this is not that exciting. If at all.

What I’m looking for is any WordPress bloggers out there who would like to submit a personal ‘writing related’ essay to The Cat’s Write, so I can feature you here.

I suppose I’m pretty much on the hunt for guest bloggers (newbies welcome!), as it has only just occurred to me that I’ve never had anyone guest blog here before – an erroneous omission I’m hoping to correct.

Also, I thought it would be fun.

And I want to pass on the buck.

BUT I’m afraid I have nothing to give you in return except a lot of love from…

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