Should writers stick to one genre?

I write where the muse takes me. Meaning i’m very much a multi Genre Writer. Thanks for your blog.

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I never realised it was possible to write in different genres.  I always thought you had to choose one genre, and that was it. You were in it for LIFE. There would be no returns, no reruns, no back-tracking of any kind. If you happened to choose Vampire Romance as your brand, well… you better remain in that box or else.

I think this system of ‘author branding’ was created thanks to the publishing market. It makes sense to stick to a certain genre if that’s what your readers come to love and expect from you. Branching off into a different genre usually requires a pen name, and that means you pretty much have to start at square one.

But what if you really, really want to write both crime and romance novels? What if you also enjoy dabbling in YA fantasy?

I love that J.K. Rowling decided to submit…

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6 thoughts on “Should writers stick to one genre?

  1. ladyofthelake says:

    I could not agree more. And I am like you in the sense if a story starts to turn over in my brain then it is what it is. That is why when you re read your stories, you know if there was a “right” way and then there is a way someone else wants you change it. I don’t mean editing, I mean, as in, for instance, the person who actually sent J.K. Rowling a letter telling her how she needed to change her Harry Potter series to make it better. I would not do that if my life depended on it. She said she did not answer it, and no matter what you think of HP, I would have written the “fan” a reply that said,
    “Who is the billionaire?”

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