The Nine Newbies of WordPress

The nine newbies of wordpress with Milly Schmidt

The Cat's Write

Once upon a time I was a little blogging newbie who started a blog on WordPress with no clue what she was doing. I didn’t even know there was a WordPress ReaderI still remember the first time I clicked the READER button. I was like, what the hell is this??

Incredibly, I somehow made it to the 2.5 year mark, and I suppose that means I’m no longer a newbie, even though I still feel like one.

To say I love finding wee baby bloggers is an understatement. They are just so… innocent. And now I know why everyone was so nice to me when I started out. Baby bloggers are so damn cute.

I also LOVE making lists, which is why you are now going to read through a list of nine newbies who recently piqued my interest:

Hiding Behind Books

This author’s profile image is a unicorn. I’m already sold…

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