I must admit I loved this book. It spoke to me in a way I understood and that my muses enjoyed.

Pattys World

If you are a writer, you need to be reading “On Writing”
Stephen King.
This book is funny, and informative.
He pulls no punches and speaks to the art of writing and the fact that it is hard, time consuming and requires you to do more than just publish a book.
So, do yourself a favor and read that book.
If you have read it and it has been more than a year since you read it, read it again.
I also recommend you start making time to read something every-day.
Turn off the idiot box and read a book.
Just voicing my opinion.
I’ve learned some very valuable things this go round reading this book, and I’ve added several books to my reading list since I’ve been reading.
You can make one-hundred excuses why you’re not reading, or you can read.
If you only read 15 minutes a…

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