7 Tips to Writing about Vampires

Writing about Vampires…NO SPARKLES 🙂

Legends of Windemere


There are plenty of types of vampires, so how do you make a list of tips to writing about them?  You pray really hard and do your best. That and you start off with the disclaimer that you’re working off your own preferences and experience.  Let’s get this crazy ride on the road.

  1. Whatever vampire rules you go by, stick with them until the end.  I’m not saying you can’t make exceptions to them for plot purposes, but you need to have a base to work off of.  You shouldn’t have so many unique types that nothing is consistent and the entire species feels more like an unorganized convention.
  2. Try not to have them repeatedly go after high school girls for romance.  It’s getting rather creepy and people are realizing the age difference.  That and it makes it feel like teenage girls are all into necrophilia.
  3. Not all vampires…

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