5 Misconceptions About Writers

Misconceptions about writers

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Writer’s can sometimes get a bad rap.  People develop and share all sorts of misconceptions, and while some of them are true, the majority of them actually have been proven wrong by real-life writers.  Here are blank common misconceptions about writers.

1. Writers make NO money

business-money-pink-coins.jpgThere is some truth to this.  In general, being a writer is not the best-paying job on the planet, and many do struggle to make writing their career.  However to say that ALL writers make no money is definitely not true.  Writing is one of those careers that you have to work for, and do correctly in order to make it a career.  First of all, as opposed to your direct and specified college degrees with jobs attached such as nursing or teaching, writing is a degree that has multiple different types, and also multiple different avenues in which can take after graduation.  One…

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