7 Things You Can Do Instead of Writing Your Novel

Quippish Quill

Writing your novel is great and all but you know what’s even better? Not writing it of course! Here are 7 fantastic ways to procrastinate on your magnum opus as you cry internally.


Why write your story when you can write about writing your story? Complaining on the internet to complete strangers about your creative failures is an age-old tradition. Even Hemingway did it! Give out crappy writing advice, rant about your characters’ personal lives, or just whine about your day job and hope your boss never finds your blog.


This novel is going to be perfect, goddammit! And you can’t get perfection from an imperfect outline. Sure, it’s been months since you last looked at the thing but now is the perfect time to tweak all the scenes and create meticulous interviews for every single tertiary character mentioned in your book. Even…

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