5 Ways to Sell More Books with YouTube Marketing

Sell more books with Youtube Marketing

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5 Ways to Sell More Books with YouTube Marketing

Video is everywhere and it’s the next wave in book marketing so if you want to sell more books you’ll have to get over your fear of video (it’s real, I have it, I’m with you) and get on board with a YouTube marketing plan.

Because what sets video apart, is the inherent uniqueness of it.

No one is going to be able to replicate the video content you produce.  So while your competitors are using the same strategies you’ve all been using for years, you can plan to sell more books by capitalizing on something only you can create.

YouTube marketing is fairly straightforward, but here are a few ways to fold it into your overall book marketing plan. Most of these concepts will come naturally to you if you’re fairly savvy with your book promotion:

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