Questions For When You’re Stuck in Character Development

Character Development – what questions to use when you’re stuck

Books and Mor

i like to ask myself questions about my characters when i am stuck in story. This helps me to create an idea of them as an actually living breathing person. They aren’t just some words or an idea. They can be an actual person with a family and a history. The things I create often times don’t end up on paper. I don’t publish information about my characters outside the books because it’s not important to the story. I don’t include tings that don’t matter. But the things that I create often times influence a characters behavior and the way a story is built. If someone has a bad relationship with their mother maybe they don’t associate with women well. This can be apparent at the beginning of a story, later in the story it can be shown why. Or possibly told why, when it feels right. IT doesn’t have…

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