Backing Up Social Media

Backing up your social media

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Hello SErs! Harmony here. Happy Wednesday 🙂

After my debacle with Facebook last month (see my post HERE), I thought it might be helpful to write something on the importance of backing-up your social media accounts.

Honestly, even though I back-up my website/blog regularly, I never even gave a single thought to Twitter or Facebook.

Below, I show you how to make an archive of Twitter …

First, open the ‘Settings and Privacy’ option on the dropdown menu when you click on your profile image …

This will bring you to the following page …

Click on ‘Request Your Archive’.

You will receive the following message from Twitter …

In a short time, you should receive an email that contains a zip file with your entire Twitter account backed up.  You will need to extract the zip file and open it.

You will see a few folders and buttons…

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