Can Reading Lift Our IQ? (Vanquish the Myth)

Does Reading lift your IQ



Can Reading Lift Our IQ? (Vanquish the Myth)

Are all three major areas of intelligence heightened by the practice of reading? Clear Evidence and Common Sense Cognitively Point to YES!

New scientific studies have unequivocally confirmed that there sure enough are strong correlations between our three areas of IQ and the Practice of Book Learning. This new evidence has collectively been confirmed, reviewed and studied through new testing methods by neuroscientists and psychologists from right across the globe. All this new collaborative scientific awakening contrasts steeply with many years of the mistaken old belief that reading had little or no effect on one’s actual IQ.

The many various levels of IQ tests – some involving Word Vocabulary, which do have a reliable influence on how smart an individual actually is – the ability to work with words practically and spacially. When we learn a new recipe, a name of a…

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