Five lessons learned as a Speaker/Guest Author at a Lit Festival…

Lessons learnt when you are a guest speaker

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All learned the very hard way, so you don’t

By Sherry Carroll, AKA the Shiny Happy Sherry


Remember, it can always get worse…


If they offer you a chair, take it…

If they don’t offer you a chair, don’t forget to ask for one.

This was my first public speaking event (as a writer) and the first time EVER doing a reading of one of my books, Even Rock and Roll has Fairy Tales: the Flight of the Sherry Fairy,with a QA and a book signing after; and standing up on stage all that time, without being able to move around much, because you are nervously trying to juggle a book in order to read it out loud to a room full of people, is not as easy as it sounds, especially in high (ish) heels.

My knees/legs were so sore the next day I could…

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3 thoughts on “Five lessons learned as a Speaker/Guest Author at a Lit Festival…

  1. Wanda Luthman says:

    Great read! She’s hilarious. Thanks for sharing, Claire!

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