How to Get Over Your Fear of Criticism So You Can Be a Better Writer

Fearing Critisim and dealing with it.

Meg Dowell Writes

Are you afraid of people you do and don’t know picking apart every detail of your writing? Does the fear of anyone even commenting on your hard work stop you from even getting any of your work done at all? Here are a few tips to help you get over that.

Don’t worry about what someone else might think until you’ve actually written something

Most writing roadblocks only become problems when they prevent you from writing. Everyone worries about what other people might think about the things they’ve created. But if you’re so worried about someone else’s future opinion that you can’t sit down and write your novel, you’re not in a good place.

Before you can worry about the possibility of receiving feedback you don’t want, you first have to finish writing the thing that other people might criticize — constructively or otherwise. No one can judge a book…

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8 thoughts on “How to Get Over Your Fear of Criticism So You Can Be a Better Writer

      • says:

        After the 3rd chapter she told me I worked to fast. I am a hands on learner . If some gives me a clue where to head a light bulb comes on. She had my manuscript for 4 months and I was told we would be done by that. I would not ever use a developmental editor again. As of changing the work yes but you don’t have to agree with them just reject it

      • claire plaisted says:

        Gracious. That was a lot. As a writer i use Free Flow Writing. Nowthing is ever planned though can be discussed. I’ve worked with a few editors, however unless they know the world of editing I don’t touch them anymore. Someone will always see a mistake in grammar or spelling due to how different the English language is throughout the world today.

        I’m not sure you can work to fast either, especially the first draft.

        Agree to disagree as my mother would say. Let me know when you release your book Lynn. Thanks

      • says:

        Message me on Facebook and I will gift you the book to read . I love hearing people’s replies and honesty is what I need. My editor does want to add more later on since several readers said they would like to know more about the characters

      • claire plaisted says:

        Thank you. I will do that. Sometimes minor characters do grab a readers attention and you can end up with an offshoot of the series. I’ll see you on FB 🙂

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