Why You Should Support Your Local Independent Book Store.

After approaching three different bookstores in NZ where i used to live…I had no real joy. They seem to turn into Grammar geeks….as if non of the trad books in their store have errors. Another one hated anything not printed in the town..aka Createspace….Even though all their Trad books were printed overseas…Maybe i’ll have btter luck in the UK…Who knows.


Yesterday was somewhat traumatic. Having confronted a face from the past that I’d really rather not ever see again, I was left with time on my hands and too much on my mind. So I defaulted to my usual sanctuary – books. I didn’t have my device with me, so I headed to my favourite book store to find something to read. My need for ink on paper and a pretty, nicely textured cover in my hands was just too strong.

It’s a luxury, you know, having a local bookshop. The town in which I live doesn’t have one, but the larger town in which I work has two, as well as a fantastic place that sells second hand and antique books.  2018-04-06 12.01.50

For me, the choice is simple. I will always support locally owned, independent businesses rather than larger chains or big department stores.

As an Indie author, I know…

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One thought on “Why You Should Support Your Local Independent Book Store.

  1. Anne Copeland says:

    I loved this post. You know, books provide comfort when we are faced with situations we are not clear how to deal with otherwise. They provide a sort of sanctuary in a world that often is not the world we knew in the past. I too want to see all the private owners and their families be able to live happily and adequately as well. I grew up in a small town where small businesses were the norm. We did not have shopping centers or online anything in those days, and we did not have any giant stores. I am sure they existed in some larger towns and states, but not in ours. It was a good world where people said hello to each other on the streets, even if they had never met. There was no reason to mistrust. Yes, I am glad too that there are still independent bookstores and places where people can buy books in another environment that meant everything and still does. In one of our towns nearby, a lot of people have put little bookshelves that are covered on top to protect them from the rain, and they hold books that you can take and put one in its place. What a wonderful neighborhood that creates with a genuine feeling of trust and sharing.

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