Editing your own work? Here are some tips.

Editing tips

Charlie De Luca- Author


Probably in common with most writers, I struggle to edit my own work.  I am editing some of my own work and a book for a friend. Editing for a friend is SO much easier!  It must be because you are too close to your own work.

I have been researching this area and have come across some tips that may helpful to others.

When you have finished your book, set it aside for at least a month, or longer before even attempting to reread.

Read it out loud. I have discovered an app, Natural speaker, which might help here. I downloaded this and uploaded my book. The voices are a bit mechanical in the free version but it did help once I had my headphones in and computer open and at the ready.  This enabled me to correct the text as I listened to it. It was easier to hear…

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