AUTHOR’S CORNER: A Shout Out To Teachers

Teachers….Those important people we send our children to.

Pattys World

Good afternoon campbellsworld visitors.
Author Jo E. Pinto is back with another awesome article.
I cannot think of anything to add so I’ll just let the fabulous writing speak for itself.
Speaking of fabulous writing, once you’ve read the article make sure to keep reading to find out about Jo’s book The Bright Side of Darkness.
You who are teachers of teens might consider adding this to your student’s summer reading list.
Thanks for stopping by and come again very soon to see what’s up here in the Author’s Corner.

A Shout Out to Teachers

Teachers have taken a lot of heat in the news lately. In some states, they’ve gone on strike for better wages and updated textbooks. In others, they’ve spoken out against guns in schools. After reflecting on the lively tales my little girl told me about her third grade class trip to a nearby state park…

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