How to balance dialogue and description if you can not describe at all

Balancing Description and Dialogue

Absurdist Fiction

What if the world exist only because of one person?
One world – one person. 

What if the world is dependent on the life of this person?
Bang again or Bingoooo? Or both? 

In general this is the idea of the book I’m writing. And the biggest headache is not the story or the idea, but the writing itself. To be more specific: the description of the places. For example, one of the scenes, where the main hero is planning to meet her friends, to say ‘good bye’ (because she’s moving to Sweden), is taking place at the Starbucks.

I’m not a fan of the Starbucks, I’m kinda feeling lost when I’m visiting such places. But it isn’t only the experience that matters, but the language (description) too. For me – it is a very modern space/room with the tables and coffee. LOL
Yes, that’s…

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