Advice For Someone Who Just Started A Blog

I remember giving up on WordPress the first time i tried to do a blog..It wasn’t until i had met more authors and got some advice that i tried again.

the pretty poems

Any advice for beginner bloggers?

Someone mentioned how they liked my blog and if I had any advice for starting out.


I’ve been blogging since it was recommended to me by my librarian in 9th grade. I’ve tried all the platforms: blogspot, WordPress, wix, Tumblr. (Okay maybe not all of them.)

If you could only give one tip what would it be?

I asked myself this because I know I don’t hold a lot of your time, so this:

Make it something you want and love. Write about what YOU love.

“To thine own self be true.” Shakespeare said that and I recommend to always be yourself. Be your authentic self. when creating a name for your blog, what would the title of your life be? Choose a memorable name like @theprettypoems. 😂😂

to thine

I’ve been blogging for so long I know what I like and don’t like on a blog…

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