7 Tips to Choosing and Maintaining Your Writing Tools

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You would think picking a writing tool would be easy, but there are so many out there to choose from.  Some feel good on the fingers while others are agony to the palms.  The ideas can flow from a pen for one author, but be stagnant for another.  So, what are a few things to consider?

  1. Never write with blood.  It hurts, isn’t very legible, bleeds through the paper (pun not intended), and clotting means you have to keep stopping.  On the plus side, band-aids and Neosporin will be tax deductible.
  2. Writing an entire novel on your smartphone is entire possible.  All you have to do is give writing credit to autocorrect and kiss your thumbs goodbye.  If you have an iPhone then you better not write too big a story.  Seriously, those batteries will be dead before you finish the dedication.
  3. If you have a lucky pen…

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