1. Hi Claire, It has been a nightmare trying to work with Amazon KDP. Such a shame, for things were so smooth when Create Space was involved. I feel sorry for the people who got let go from Create Space too. After that happened, they had told us that they would be moving the books from Create Space to Amazon KDP, but that did not happen, Instead, we received a note that we could do it ourselves in THREE easy steps. NOT!!! I did it and the Amazon KDP publishing program messed up my formats that were already set so bad, I had to get help outside. It printed the cover in a horrible pixilated form before my helper got hold of it, and when I bought an author’s copy, they charged me $11.+ $5+ shipping on a book that would sell for $27.00 and then it cost me $11+ to send the book so it could be tracked. How embarrassing to have the customer tell me that the book cover was pixilated!

    As for my cookbook, I am so upset with them for the many times I had to keep reformatting it because every time I put it into their publishing program, it would mess up the format and not accept the book after that. So difficult to deal with. I turned it over to see if DLD books could fix it, but event hey cannot do it. My friend Barbara Williamson, the publishing assistant for our book, Artful Alchemy . . . lost her home and all her art in the Paradise, CA fire, and was lucky to escape with the clothes on her back, her meds, her caregiver and the dog. If they had not known the back road, she would have lost her life. The fire was on their home (rented home) when they drove away. She is the recipient of any funds from sales of Artful Alchemy, so it has been horrible to have made only one sale (mine) in all this time.

    I am not well, and I do not have money to pay a publisher up front, which is why I originally chose Amazon KDP. I don’t like the fact that they are charging for people to get publicity we used to get for nothing.

    So this whole bruhaha has cost me a whole year of getting a book published when it would have been timely (you would not believe how many hours and hours I have spent since the 1st of Sept. when the book would have been done. It is a pumpkin cookbook and this was to be the 3rd edition. They have done nothing whatever even when it was in the form of an E-book for its 2nd edition. I realize now that cookbooks are never going to be their business, and it is a shame, for there is a lot of business to be had in publishing cookbooks. Mine had folklore and history, growing hints and nutrition plus other things as well as the recipes, and it has lots of colored photos of scenes with pumpkins as well as pumpkin quilts, so it is definitely not boring and the recipes are good too. Such a shame. I think I mentioned that I am 77 as of Thanksgiving Day, so I don’t know how much longer I have, and it sure would have been nice to get the book back into print again. Well, I hope that all of you are doing well and having a good holiday season. Peace and many blessings, Anne Copeland

    1. This is why i refuse to use them. I use Lulu for Paperbacks, however Draft to Digital are looking at doing paperbacks as well so I will wait and see who i use as a publisher and writer.

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