Facebook Pages and Sharing to Groups



Well, I’ve been puzzling over this for the last couple of days.  All of a sudden the pages that I have or look after can’t post in groups…I thought for a moment I was in FB Jail, but I’m not. It seems Facebook did an update last September which I didn’t know about and by the look of posts today…A lot of Authors etc didn’t know about it either.

So what’s going on you ask?

Simple.  Since last September (2018) your author page/business page is now allowed to join groups. Of course, you can only join groups you are a member of?  If your page isn’t a member of said group…NO SHARING can take place.  Unless you are nifty and find another way around it.

Yes, I did.

On your page by the post, you want to share is your page profile image…with a little arrow below it. Change this image to your personal profile and you will be able to share…because you are already a member of the group you are sharing to…and your author profile isn’t.  They have to join.  

Click on INTERACTING AS YOURSELF your profile in the group and it should show your author page, click on it and join the group…Remember the group may have questions for you to answer. 

On mine it only showed my main author page…not my other ones…so I’m looking into that right now and will edit the post as information comes in.


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