Author Talk: Where Can I Find Beta Readers? Help! 7 Ideas to Get You On Your Way!

Seven ideas to help you find Beta Readers

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If you follow the Jen Lowry Writes podcast I liken the editing phase as wearing the drill sergeant hat over your own novel. You have to take charge of that novel, and work it to its best shape.

So, in honor of my daddy’s Army Master Sergeant rank (GO ARMY!), I’m taking on his hat for the next few months before my release date.

With all of that being said, I also need recruits to help me. I can’t go at it alone. I can’t just scream at my own manuscript.

An author friend messaged me to ask, “Where do you find beta readers? I need help finding more.”

So, I gave her a list of suggestions that I want to share with all of you to consider when trying to recruit beta readers to assist you in your editing process.

  1. Contact your local library…

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